Back In August I ventured out to Croatia - little did I know it would become one of my favourite holiday destinations. Now, say that one seven letter word an I'm there...give or take a few hours on the plane!

It's Beautiful - the photo speaks for itself. The perfect Summer location. As I want to shout it from the rooftops, the truth is that it gets nowhere near the amount of recognition it deserves.

You don't need to be no photographer to capture a great shot either; I barely know how to switch on a camera. The photos practically take themselves.

What I'm trying to get across is that the scenery's stunning. The dreamy glistening coastlines, dramatic sunsets and the rustic cobbled streets - this country's bookmarked as a place where you're not going to want to keep your eyes shut.

In Dubrovnik, where I settled for my travels, English is widely spoken (Predominately in tourist based, local areas).  In fact, you'll probably have an easier time communicating than in other European countries.

The Food doesn't go without praise either. Croatian food is supposedly meant to have its own twist - it probably does! However, where I stayed it was mainly steak, fish and Italian based; it's entirely dependant on where you stay or go. Nonetheless, It wasn't short of amazing!

The weather didn't fail to disappoint, although again, that is fundamentally based on the time you choose to visit.

 August however, which is typically the hottest month of the year in Croatia, brought plenty of sunshine ( high twenties, low thirties). Although some days high factor suncreams were a key essential, it was never unbearable.

 The nights calmed down a little bit in terms of weather and always displayed an array of colourful sunsets.

All in all, the dreamy deep blue sea and photogenic mountainous landscapes isn't something you're going to want to miss, alongside Croatias multiple other quirks and charms. For the few people who choose to visit this wondrous destination, you won't regret it!

Consider this chapter 1 of my travel diaries where my final destination is to help inspire one of you to find your dream destination.

Where do you want to visit / where do you enjoy going?



  1. I never thought of Croatia as a holiday destination place, but it looks gorgeous! The photos are stunning, and I really want to go here now! Loved this! xx

  2. i never knew Croatia is this gorg!

  3. I'm busy looking at holidays at the minute and Croatia is one of the places I've looked at, looks lush x


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