5 Simple Ways to Instantly Revive Your Insta Feed

Hey there, viewer of this little corner of the internet, I have a small suspicion that you undervalue your Instagram potential. Or, perhaps you just fancy gifting your Insta the deserving art of rejuvenation. Either way, abolish all previous Insta knowledge - let's start fresh.

Choose your theme
I cannot stress enough; consistency is key. That's not to say you can never venture out of your category, not at all. However, your theme portrays your visual personality and is the overall look of the feed, the vibe, mood and core centre.

Pick a few catogories you're passionate about (e.g fashion, cooking, life style) - this will be your content, theme and feed.

Sticking to these categories will enable consistency...so make sure you love them!

Find Your filter
Unless you have picture perfect, dreamy lighting at home, filters are a necessity. But using the SAME filter consistently is a bigger one.

Balance Your content
Here's what you want to achieve: balancing.

 You see, if you took lots of flower photos, for example, and then began to post them right after each other, the once hooked reader may become a scanner.

 Yep, a scanner. What does this mean? well, the viewer may start to get a bit bored and not appreciate the content being delivered to the extent they would do if it was spaced out.

Final destination here: space out content.

Colour co-ordinate
 This if if you want to take things that extra step further. 

I'll let the photos speak for me.

Natural Light is a must
You've heard this before, right? But why is it so crucial? Well, it improves the quality and appearance when filters are applied. 

In the morning will be your best friend for dreamy lighting.

Try taking your photos next to a window for the highest quality lighting - that will make anyone double tap!

Most importantly, enjoy what you do. It really shows. Let the creativity unravel.



  1. Honestly my instagram feed is a mess, but to be honest I kind of like it that way, also I cannot seem to follow a theme for the life of me! Haha! I definitely want to try though, so going to put some of these tips to the test! Loved this post! xx


    1. Same here aha, I’m trying to stick to a theme now but not sure how long it’ll last. Thank you!x

  2. Great ideas! I really need to get on my insta game... This should help.
    Coco| pjsandstuff.wordpress.com


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