The Body Shop Glazed Apple Bath Jelly | £4 ?!

The Body Shop is no stranger to my blog - I've raved countless times about their lifesaving hand creams. Yet I had the audacity to miss out this lil' gem. So, three weeks on from the new year, it's about time I fixed that!

A quick disclaimer, after doing a little research I've detected that this is no longer on The Body shop website, presumably as it's  part of their Christmas range. However, I did spot some on sale at Amazon. I managed to get my hands on it yesterday in store, perched on the sale shelf with a big red sticker reading: ' Was £15, Now £4'. Needless to say, I got dragged into the deal... and here's what I think.

The scent
The first thing to catch my attention was the scent. Unlike a lot of fruit fragrances, this one doesn't smell too artificial which is the fundamental reason it ended up in my basket. The fresh crisp notes of apple come together to create the perfect bath time indulgence.

Where the consistency is concerned, this product definitely lives up to its name. Other 'jelly' type bath products I've used before have resembled honey more than jelly but this one has a much thicker, jelly like consistency.

Final Outcome
Want a bath product that will look pretty AND treat your skin? Well, you're in luck! This bath jelly did my skin wonders and didn't lack in the visual aspect either. It created fluffy bubbles and tinted the water a  pale green.

Although these probably won't be sticking round for much longer, I hope to see the return of them next year!



  1. this is a good bargain!

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  3. Wow! Bath jelly that creates green apple bubbles all around - outrageous and amazing!

    A body glaze jelly that lets you feel like you're bathing in apple juice could make you feeling ripe and ready to eat!



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