The £1 Lipstick

If you were unaware of the concept of MUA, they are a super affordable drugstore brand, most recognised for their highlighters and lip products. Any drugstore lover or bargain hunter has something from this brand somewhere in their collection. 

Being a massive fan of MUA myself, I was ecstatic to spot these lil' beauties sitting in solitude on the MUA counter, unaccompanied. So I took it upon myself to purchase them and give them a deserving home: my dressing table. 

If the £1 price tag wasn't already jaw dropping enough then here is an alternative mind-blowing statistic for you; the cost of one single Mac lipstick is exactly the same as 16 and a half MUA ones. So essentially you can buy 16  drugstore lipsticks for the price of one high-end one. I don't know about you but that bewildered me, I mean, what choice would you opt for?

Understandably, if the product was terrible then I would be able to comprehend the £1 price tag with a little more ease, but oh no, that's not the case.
This product isn't short of impeccable and really does have a fair amount to offer.

The pigmentation is bold and vivid and the formulation is moisturising and highly resembles one of a lip balms. The packaging is elegant and classy, although slightly cheap, plastic feeling but for the price, overall appearance and function, I couldn't possibly complain.
Additionally, screwed on to the bottom of every lipstick is another small pot of lipstick, ideal for lining the lips and for extra product when the lipstick sadly runs out.

If you were on the hunt for an affordable yet good quality lipstick, look no further!

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