Best Mascara Ever?

Breaking news, I repeat, breaking news; the newly discovered Lancôme mascara is progressively making its way up the makeup hierarchy and into my everyday routine. Yes, you did hear me correctly. Who would have thought it was ever remotely possible to knock the trusty L'Oreal Paradise Extatic out of first place?

Don't get me wrong, I still absolutely adore the L'Oreal mascara and at a drugstore price of £11.99 you can't go wrong. However, as this mascara's gradually making its way towards the position of my all time favourite mascara, it would be obscene for me not to let you in on it!

From the products minimalistic, elegant and classy packaging to its dramatic and volumizing effect, it really does tick all the "mascara criteria" imaginable.

Besides the beautiful packaging and voluminous effect, the reason that makes this mascara so phenomenal is how it manages to keep my lashes upright and spick and span throughout the entire day, no exception. If your lashes are anything like mine then you likely struggle to find a mascara that keeps your eyelashes held up for more than a minute. If that issue relates to you, I suggest running to your nearest Lancôme counter as quick as you can.

Another mind-blowing fact about this product is that it does in fact pass the sneeze test. Yes, the sneeze test. I don't know about you but I often find that when I sneeze or my eyes start to water then my mascara uninvitedly decides to transfer on to my face. However, you guessed it, with this one, that fortunately isn't the case.

So there we have it guys, if it wasn't already immensely obvious I would strongly recommend you get your hands on this product. Apologies if I didn't go into depth on things like the formulation and application but cut a long story they too are remarkable. Hope you guys are having a lovely December so far, not long to go!



  1. I've heard only good things about this mascara! The sneeze test (lol) sounds like a good way to see if a mascara smudges or smears, I definitely have trouble with some when I have a cold haha!

  2. This mascara sounds amazing!! I need to try it xx


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