Turning my room into a Winter Wonderland *super affordable*

Christmas is one of my favourite holidays and I can't put in to words how difficult it has been to restrain myself and hold back from writing a seasonal inspired post.

However, now It is past the mid November mark and I think that now could be classed as an appropriate time to start, right?

Before I begin I just wanted to say that I didn't go all out transforming my room, just a few decorations here and there, purely because I don't want to spend a ton on ornaments that I will only have in use once a year.

 This is the main reason why I was able to round up my total basket order to under fifteen pounds.

I tend to gravitate towards a less themedChristmas tree and instead opt for a more mismatching,less organized tree. However my initial preference took a change whilst I was in Primark, on a Christmas decor hunt I came across these adorable little baubles that came in a pack of 30 for only 2 pound. I thought they'd go perfectly with the mini Christmas tree I'm about to show you, no spoilers!
This gorgeous one foot Christmas tree caught my eye in paperchase the other week not just because of it's beautiful silver finish but also due to the fact that I thought it was the perfect size to fit comfortably in my room without taking up too much space.

This cost me five pounds which I thought was quite pricy for the size however it is exactly what I was searching for so I can't complain.

Let's all just take a moment for these beautiful gingerbread tea lights.
How could I have possibly walked past these and ignored them? 
Although I didn't exactly buy them for the designed purpose of burning, they were only 2 pounds from Primark so you can't go wrong.

These are the last two items I picked up from Primark and they're honestly some of my favourites.

The led Christmas tree completes my room and gives it such a cosy vibe and the glittery stocking chalk board I fell in love with, I imagined it with a cute Christmassy design or maybe as a countdown to how many sleeps until the big day.

There are a few other bits and pieces I have used to decorate my room this year but unfortunately as they are slightly older I don't still recall where they're from and I don't want to show you guys something that isn't available for you!
Anyway I hope this still gave you some inspiration or ideas of room decor you may have been on the lookout for, make sure to leave a comment on your thoughts or any decor you have been loving!

Although I don't like to wish away the year, Christmas please hurry up ,we miss you!



  1. Gorgeous, so Christmassy! 🎄

  2. Giving me such Christmassy Vibes, so simple but so easy.


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