Christmas gift guide (under £20)

Yes, I'm totally aware it is only November but a lot of supermarkets release their Christmas stock in late September so if you think I'm early ...also I think getting some gift ideas in advance is always a smart approach so come December you will be prepared and hopefully would have avoided the scenario of rushing frantically around the crowded streets last minute on Christmas Eve struggling to find a thing.

One thing I find exceptionally difficult come Christmas time is finding affordable yet good presents that won't hurt your wallet.

That's why today I'm going to be sharing with you my Christmas gift guide for under £20.



A little bit of Lush never hurt nobody. You can never go wrong with a bit of Lush, In fact I don't think I've ever met anybody who doesn't like the incredible bath and shower shop. 

Lush do some of the best pre-made Christmas sets which are available in a budget friendly price range.

 They are the perfect last minute present as the products are perfectly wrapped up into a beautiful festive box, no sellotape and bows of your own required.

Movie night hamper 
I know I would be over the moon to receive a hamper full of movie essentials which is why I thought I'd include this.

The amount of things you want to include in the hamper depends on how much you are willing to spend, I'd nip down to your local Primark or cheapest home store to capture the best deals.

You might want to include items such as a dvd, popcorn, blanket, Netflix/movie gift card and a mug.

Advent calendar 

Who remembers when advent calendars just used to have chocolate? Over the past couple of years I've noticed you can get an advent calendar to cater pretty much any need or interest from beauty and body to food and drink.

 I even ended up getting my cat one this year containing 24 different catnip flavoured treats,Christmas isn't just for humans!

 Last Christmas I had a beauty advent calendar and I loved the idea of waking up to a present every day for a moth and it made the build up to Christmas that little bit extra exciting. 

There are so many advent calendars of different price range out there this year and something for everyone of every age, I think they make a very good and very thoughtful present.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and present ideas in the comments below!

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