Beauty: Buy or Bye

No one likes to be disappointed over waisted money.
Are these products worth the buy or goodbye?

It wasn't my initial intention to go and buy this product but the stunning rose gold packaging and 'velvet','matte finish' description practically persuaded me. Additionally, the fact that it has a 3 pound price tag blew my mind considering it is presented in such a luxurious and high end way.
MUA is a very affordable and budget friendly brand so I was praying that I'd found a product that I'd love without breaking the bank. Fortunately my wishes were granted as I was greeted with a product that as stated 'glides on effortlessly' and provides a bold pigmented colour. The silky smooth formula quickly dries down into a light weight, matte finish.

L'Oréal paradise extatic mascara
If you read my review on this mascara then you would be aware on my mini obsession with it. There's not a lot to say about this product other than it's never failed to impress me, it still remains to be beaten. 

Zoella lip balm
I wasn't a hundred percent sure whether or not to include this as it was part of last years Christmas range which gives me the impression that it's likely no longer for sale. However, I thougt I'd still mention it for the small chance that it's in stock somewhere out there. 

The world famous beauty blogger released  this product last year and I'd not yet tried any of her products so was very intriguied to give this a go. Besides the beautiful rose gold packaging this lip bam greeted my lips with a soft warm Vanilla scent, not the sort of perfume/chemically type you may find in a scented product.

However if you aren't specifically on the lookout for a beautifully packaged and scented lip balm then I would personally opt for a lip balm of lesser expense that moisturises and heals just as good.

Bary m lip plumper

Applying this product I had no expectations due to the fact that I hadn't tried a plumping lip gloss before. However after applying this I was pleasantly surprised with glossy smooth lips that did look slightly bigger. 
Although this product was good I wouldn't buy it specifically for the 'plumping' aspect that Barry m claimed it to do.

L'Oréal lipstick

Last but by no means lest we have my famous, holy grail lipstick. L'Oréal seem to be getting every thing right this month with the lipstick and mascara being at the top of my monthly favourites. This product glides on beautifully, applying a bold,vivid matte finish pigment. It had the consistency of a lip balm and left my lips feeling smooth and moisturised, what's not to love?


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