How To Stay Motivated This Autumn

Whatever your aim is this Autumn, the key thing to achieving it in the best possible way is to stay positive and motivated.

 Although we are all aware that this definitely sits in the easier said than category, I'm hoping these tips will somewhat help out those of you who are struggling with motivation.

Stay Organised
This is one of them things that varies in difficulty depending on what type of person you are. 

For me staying organised is something I try to do as much as possible, not that it always end up that way.

 What I'd recommend is buying some new calendars, diaries or to do lists to help you organise things better. 

Having things in writing will help you to remember what you have to do and should hopefully prevent you from forgetting things.

 Buying new stationery, like calendars, should also motivate you to start getting organised as you would want to use the new things you bought.


Enjoy What It Is You Do
Whether you are are starting a blog or taking part in a new activity, the best possible way to succeed is to enjoy whatever it is you are doing.

 For Example,If you are starting a blog for the wrong reasons and don't enjoy what it is you are doing then no passion or enthusiasm is going into your work, not much success ever usually comes out of that. 

Additionally, if you are starting something you have no passion or drive for then it is likely you will have a lack of motivation for doing it, You're commitment will likely be low.

Treat Yourself
If you are doing something like blogging then there's no reason not to make yourself a nice warm cup of hot chocolate just to make the time you're spending that extra little bit enjoyable.

Furthermore you could make a deal with yourself, once you've done what you need to do then you can do something fun in return like treating to yourself to an episode of something you missed on t.v last night.



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