Autumn Clothing Haul 2017

It doesn't get much better than hiding away in a big, cosy scarf and burying yourself in a soft, oversized jumper.

 Greetings autumn, the time to take our boots out of hibernation and say hello again to a pair of leggings and a jumper.
 The season of comfortable, cosy and warm fashion, welcome, I missed you.

I thought it was about time to update my wardrobe and give it an autumn makeover.
 All the things I bought to transform my wardrobe are suitable for multiple seasons rather than just a couple of months of the year.

Misguided top
Although this item isn't necessarily classed as Autumnal I couldn't quite resist the urge to buy it.

 There are multiple different ways that I found worked to style this, tucked in to some black (or other colour of your choice) tight fitting jeans, paired with some plain black leggings or if you purchase it in the size above then you can even wear it as a t-shirt dress.

Urban Outfitter top
Okay, so if you don't like Urban Outfitters feel free to leave at this point and if you do please prepare to see  2 other items from this store.

 This top practically shouted my name as soon I entered the store, nothing more needs to be said.

Top 2
Slightly more sportswear inspired but still easy to dress up.

 As soon as I laid my eyes on this I was immediately drawn to the 90's style red and white collar and zip, let's just say I fell in love.

Top 3
The last one, I swear. It wasn't my intention to come out with three tops from one shop but I'm so glad it happened.

Topshop Grey Suede Boots

I was on the lookout for some new boots this autumn but wasn't completely decided whether to actually get some or not.

 However these boots threw my hesitation out the window and practically hypnotised me into falling in love with them. The best part about them is that they are only £35 from Topshop.

I hope some of these items gained your attention or gave you some fashion inspiration and I'd love it if you left a comment on your thoughts and clothing recommendations.



  1. Great haul! :)

    I follow you. Hope you will follow me back! ♡
    Shoot for the stars

  2. I can't wait for the time where my wardrobe will be able to grow at my own pace! My last haul was this summer, so I think i'm going to have to skip this season... Maybe not!


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