Make Up Products/Cosmetics To Save Your Money On!

No one wants to be spending a fortune on disapointing items that are not worth your time and money.

 A lot of the things that you buy are influenced by what other people have and different trends that are going on at the time but the products that are raved about are not always worth your money.

 Although sometimes it may be hard not to buy products that are in trend, it's worth realising that the product will most likely be forgotten about in a couple of weeks time.

Today I'm going to share with you some beauty items and cosmetics that may be worth holding back on and not taking that splurge.

Fan brushes
This could be a controverstial one as I realise a lot of people do enjoy using these feather like brushes for applying highlight and I may have just been unlucky enough to get one that's not as good as others, as unfortunately my experience with fan brushes wasn't as good as I hoped. 

I personally found that picking up the product onto the brush took a lot of effort due to the flimsiness of the brush therefore not as much product was picked up onto the brush.

 Although the brush helped the product apply in a better motion, using the fan brush lost a lot more of the pigmentation from my highlighter than the previous brush I was using.

 This is good if you like a more subtle looking everyday highlight like I do but for the majority of people they would like to get the most out of their product, including pigmentation.

Lower lash mascara 
In my opinion lower lash mascara isn't really worth saving up for due to the fact that you can just use your average mascara for the same purpose.

 I understand that the smaller brush allows better, more steady precision than using a thicker, everyday mascara wand which would be much harder to control and much easier to transfer and end up under your eye.

 However if you do get mascara all underneath your eyes using your normal mascara then you can easily clean it up using a cotton bud and some makeup remover.

Silicone sponge
This was a makeup trend that went viral a while back but has died down for a while now.
 This product is a blending silicone sponge that helps to blend in liquid products.

 However it highly resemble a beauty blender in the way that it serves the same purpose and doesn't do an any better job at it.

 It is good in the sense that it doesn't waste any product like a beauty blender would do due to its sponge texture that absorbs the product.

 Overall though I would avoid spending your money on yet another product that will serve the exact same purpose.

Choose either a primer or setting spray
There is nothing wrong with either primers or setting sprays as they both come in super handy if you're going out and you want you're makeup to last that extra bit longer. 

There is also nothing wrong with wearing both a primer and setting spray at the same time but if you are trying to save money then only one of these products is necessary.

Lip plumper or lip liners
Much like the primer and setting spray only one of these products is really necessary.
 I recently tried a lip plumper however it did not seem to work on my lips but that definitely does not mean other brands wouldn't.

 Like lip pumpers lip liners will also create the similar sort of illusion that your lips are bigger than they are.

Avoid getting products just for the good deal
Lastly if you want to save your money try to avoid getting product just for the good deal unless you've been meaning to get it and had your eye on it for a while. 

Although this may be hard as the product may seem even more appealing with an affordable price tag, just think whether you would be buying that product if the price wasn't reduced or are you just buying it for the good deal?

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