How To Get More Than One Use Out Of Beauty Products

If I realised I could do some of these things before I would have saved so much money on various beauty products and got a lot more use out of them. 

So today I will try and hopefully help some of you guys out by sharing how to get more than one use out of a variety of different products.

Lip balms
Apart from the obvious use to moisturise your lips and heal/prevent them from chapping, lip balms are one of the products that has multiple different uses. 

Lip balm can act as a brow gel/brow comb in the sense that it will tame your eyebrow hairs with its smooth formula and help them stay in place, all you need to do is place a small dab onto the tip of your finger and swipe across your eyebrow.

It can also act as a quick an easy eye cream with its moisturising and smooth texture and can help you're eyeshadow apply and last better and longer.

Tinted lip balms are also a good alternative to lipsticks if you like a more subtle lip that will also feel smooth and moisturising at the same time.

 A lot of tinted lip balms tend to have a subtle and sheer coverage and a balmy appearance so if you're into a bold matte lip then these probably aren't for you.

Another handy use this product has, very similar to the eyebrow hack, is to tame any fly aways in your hair if you're hair is acting a bit frizzy or you're simply having a bad hair day.

As well as this it can also be placed onto a cotton bud and used to remove any mascara that has transferred onto your skin throughout the day so you won't have to worry about carrying a heavy bottle of eye makeup remove with you and can bring a multi use, travel friendly lip balm around instead.

 The best thing about this hack is that it won't effect or remove any of the makeup you may be wearing underneath.

If you own any eyeshadows that match your eyebrow colour and have a matte finish then you can use them to fill in your eyebrows. 
For this one I would avoid using eyeshadow that have a shimmer or contain glitter and would also try to stay away from eyeshadow that has a lot of fall out, I would  use an angled  brush for extra careful precision.

Eyeshadow can also be used as eyeliner if you own an eyeliner brush or a brush where you have a lot of precision.
 This works even better if you have wet/dry eyeshadows so the eyeshadow can glide on a bit easier.

This next one is my personal favourites as its using eyeshadow for highlight and bronzer.

 If you own a shimmery eyeshadow that gives a nice highlight or glow then you can dip your makeup brush into it  and it and place it onto your cheek, it should act no different to an ordinary powder highlight.

 For bronzer if you own a warm toned brown eyeshadow it can be used as a replacement of an ordinary powder bronzer and again shouldn't act too different, however you may find it slightly tricky getting much pigment out as it can sometimes be difficult to get your brush into a small eyeshadow.

If you have normal or dry skin and find yourself using moisturiser a lot then if you put it on before doing your makeup then it can also work great as a primer too.

Clear Mascara 
You have probably heard of this beauty hack before, especially if you use clear mascaras.

 Not only is this product used for your lashes but also like the lip balm can serve the exact same purpose as a brow gel and will keep your brows tamed and perfectly in place for hours.

 You can also mix in a loose pigment and mix it into the clear mascara for a cheaper and more affordable coloured mascara. 

The colour pigment needs to be whatever colour you want the mascara to be.


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