Hair Cair/Shower Routine 2017

Luckily I never seem to have any problems with my hair due to the fact that I've never dyed it or done anything to damage it.

Therefore I tend to stick to a simple hair routine with a limited amount of products as I often find that using too many products Isn't always the best option.

I personally have quite thick hair but fortunately it's not the type to get frizzy or tangled, the products I'm going to be sharing with you today will be suitable for long thick hair.

I am also going to throw in some shower products recommendations of items I have been loving this month to hopefully give you some inspiration if you were on the lookout for some new and improved shower products.

First up is something I have been loving and using non-stop for a while now and that is the sun kissed blonde lemon highlights shampoo by OGX.

This shampoo is perfect for emphasising and bringing out the golden shimmery highlights you may have in your hair even if you're like me and you have dark brown hair.

 Although the difference was subtle and only noticeable over multiple different washes, I was still surprised I even had those highlights hidden in my hair.

As well as this the smell of this shampoo is  incredible with its citrus lemon scent enriched with key lime and coconut oil, I'd happily buy it just for the smell.
The products smooth, thick and creamy formula lathers up and leaves you hair feeling smooth, refreshed and conditioned.

I often use the matching OGX conditioners to top it all off.

Dry Shampoo

I couldn't do a hair routine without mentioning the saviour of our lazy hair days.

The dry shampoo that I use is the Batiste dry shampoo in the scent tropical. I have mentioned this product briefly in a previous blog post that if you read would know how much I have been enjoying using this.

Much like the previous shampoo it has the most stunning scent, tropical and coconut, which I fell in love with before even proceeding to apply.
 It gives your hair on the go volume and the effect that it has just been washed in the matter of seconds.

The Body Shop body butter and shower gel

The current body butter I am using is the Body Shop instant glow in the scent British rose, which as you can imagine smells like rose.

It has a smooth, thick texture but is unlike a lot of other body butters I have tried in the sense that it glides and blends on to the skin much more effortlessly than any others I have tested. 
The product results in your skin feeling soft, nourished and also slightly glowy.

Additionally I happen to be using the matching shower gel which provides a very similar outcome to the body butter, just in shower gel form.

DIY hair mask/paste
Not too long ago I did some research to see if I could make any hair masks I could make at home at little expense, just using the ingredients we had in the house.

I discovered a good recipe which I have tested and approved using only honey to help moisture and restore/awaken your dry ends.

You can also add cinnamon and lemon into the mix, leave it on for an hour or longer and your hair will be naturally lighter. 
Mine went approximately one shade lighter but if you repeat the process multiple times it should give steadily good results.


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